We love capturing the true emotions of the moment. The smiles, the tears, the love, the genuine feeling of the occassion. That is always our mission. Each project offers its own uniqueness and details. Our distinct, artistic attention to these specifics is what sets us apart from other film creators. We are passionate about filming. Focusing on each aspect contributing to quality film production from cinematic aesthetics, to engaging stories, to mood creating music, and clear audio.

With over 500 films produced, we pride ourselves on being a small team making a grand, mass production quality impact.




Ivan Sims 

The I in IA Film Group.  Ivan brings expertise in many different areas of the film production process. His film production experience started in  2006 as a sales associate with Wolf Camera. There, he gained extensive knowledge of cameras (both film and digital), and film development.  His following positions as Lead Editor and Videographer for a local production company is where he sharpened his photography skills and learned video editing techniques.

Now as the Co-Founder of IA Film Group, Ivan continues to enjoy the different elements of creative film making. His keen eye for details, video editing, and motion graphics skills, give a signature swag to each film that he produces. Ivan's commercials have appeared on both national and regional platforms.


 Adrien Tillman 

The A in IA Film Group. Adrien brings to the table creativity, a cinematic eye for details, and a passion for beautiful imagery in film making. Her degree in Computer Science  (Troy University)  has prepared her to be a technical influence within the company. From web design, to filming, and editing, Adrien's roles within the business vary.

Adrien has over 4 years videography / editing experience. She continues to apply her creative touch mixed with her technical knowledge to each video she produces. Her passion for compelling story telling and engaging aesthetics, drive her to always learn, apply, imagine, and create. From pre-production to post-production, Adrien is always determined to see her clients' vision through.

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